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COMMON: of or relating to a community at large; work for the common good

TRADE: the business of buying and selling or bartering commodities 


PARIS: On June 21, 2017, Laura Baker [PBLC TRDE] and James Waller [BLOOD BROTHER] opened COMMON TRDE, a showroom space in Paris to continue their mission of championing emerging brands to a global market.

Baker and Waller developed COMMON TRDE in order to create a common space where smaller agencies, such as their own, and premium in house brands can interact as one showroom. Laura and James continue to work closely together to curate and develop strong partners both in and out of their in house sales agency; THE TRDE.

“We feel each brand/agency chosen represents a successful wholesale distribution model in a specific country. With that, we leverage one brand’s success with another brands needs and vice/versa creating maximum exposure on a global level.” Baker

“The ‘give and take’ model proves to be successful as brand and agency partners continue to create new business for one another within the shared working atmosphere and sales services.” Waller

For inquiries on becoming a brand or agency partner please contact;