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E.L.V. Denim



E.L.V. is an acronym for East London Vintage; whereas ‘East London’ stands for creativity, and ‘Vintage’ evokes sustainable responsibility. 

 E.L.V. Denim take stocks of old discarded denim and transforms them into modern, sophisticated and even ‘made to measure’ jeans. We love denim, but not only that we are passionate about the idea of reusing this functional fabric and reworking it into new styles.

We design and manufacture our entire collection in East London, minimising our waste, water and energy footprints. We operate from an ideal of ‘no waste’ and we create our jeans with barely any environmental impact, giving a second life to fabric which otherwise could be destined for the landfill.

Each jean is made up of two halves of vintage jeans, and is therefore entirely unique in its colour and fit. 

There will never be another pair of jeans like your E.L.V. Denim jeans.